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Quest is an turn based RPG where you play as a young man who hopes to become a knight of The Kingdom. Quest has several features such as a complete turn based combat with an extensive buff and debuff system, interactive dialogue, an inventory and shop system, several quest lines, and three different endings. There are 14 unique enemies to fight and 3 main-quest lines to go through along with 5 side-quest lines. 

I created Quest a couple years back using C++ without an engine. This version of Quest showcases the first area for the game along with a little bit after that. For now, I have discontinued working on Quest since I reached a good place to stop and I have been focusing on my college work and making new projects with the new tools I have learned. I may pick up working on Quest again later, since I really like how the game has turned out, but it will need a lot of reworking if I were to turn this into a full fledged game.

How to Play:

  • WSAD - Move
  • Enter - Interact
  • E - Inventory
  • Q - Check Stats
  • L - Increase Screen Size

Install instructions

Unzip the files and run the executable. If that executable doesn't work, go into the debug file and run that one.


Quest.zip 531 MB

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